Adobe Type + Motion
Interactive Website & Animations

As part of Adobe’s marketing for their OpenType font collections, we were asked to create something… different. No briefing, no guidelines, just something which would show how typography could be used effectively in moving digital media, such as interactive websites or motion graphic animations. Naturally, we decided to combine them into one project, which we got to name: Adobe Type + Motion.

After sketching concepts for an interactive UI which in itself would animate type in a playful way, we created a series of motion graphic clips in which typographical elements were used in interesting ways to create unique visual results. Desktop recorded footage was used to show the software steps in use, and the final website was created in Flash. The montage video below was created much later, to show the interaction and animations.

It might look a little dated now, but we like it. As did a lot of folks, it seems — it won no less than 3 design awards. #proud

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