HiBall Energy Drink
Website & 3D Product Renderings

In 2007, energy drink startup Hiball contacted us to create a fun and interactive website for their fledgling, sugar-free sparkling water energy drink product — which we took on with great enthusiasm, given that diabetes and sports are (coincidentally) of huge importance to us.

From the first Macromedia Flash website, we created new sites for the major milestones in the company’s history, such as when the product went from glass to aluminium cans, creating highly-interactive and memorable web experiences which earned a lot of exposure for Hiball (which was acquired in 2017 by the Anheuser-Busch company). In the last version shown here, we also provided the 3D product renderings, which were then displayed 30ft high on billboards around San Francisco and the Bay Area. Talk about exposure! As they say… It’s good energy!

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