Le Tourment Vert Absinthe
Commercial for broadcast & in-flight promotion

We created a broadcast commercial for this new brand of Absinthe, the drink which was banned in the US in 1912 and reintroduced in 2008 by the renowned Vinet Ege Distillery in San Francisco, California.

Our design was influenced by the history and Bohemian spirituality of 19th century Paris, where world-famous artists and poets gathered and sipped this famous herbal, wormwood-based liquor, and were inspired by the swirly, green, hallucinatory ideas which it produced, thus coining the phrase, Le Tourment Vert — literally “The Green Madness.”

The video also featured in-flight aboard Virgin America, who were serving the brand, and our printed napkin designs complimented the experience routes to Las Vegas.

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