Branding & Website Design

We created the logo and branding for Yelé, the renowned handmade jewelry design company in Sausalito, California (coincidentally, one door down from where our studio used to be in Sausalito!). Yelé (‘ye-lay’) is Haitian Creole, meaning “Cry For Freedom.”

Alaskan-born jewelry designer Lauren Dils created these unique pieces with sustainability and concern in mind, for the mining processes which are so harmful to the environment and the communities nearby — in places such as Alaska, Ghana, and Indonesia — over a decade before everyone decided to do such things. Unable to source fair-trade silver, all of her pieces were made with recycled metal from 100% Certified Recycled Harmony Sterling Silver processed in the United States.

Then we developed the website design for the online presence and ecommerce capabilities, allowing this entirely unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry to be sold online. The wonderful photography by Tara Arrowood (with whom we have collaborated for over 15 years, and was coincidentally one door up from our Sausalito studio!) gave us incredible images, color and lighting to work with, showcasing the handmade pieces with impeccable class.

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